Study Group Guide 2024-2025

Study Group Guide 2024-2025

Check out our 2024-2025 Study Group Guide. We have 24 NEW
Study Groups!

Our Study Group leaders and facilitators come to us with
varied backgrounds in the worlds of art, business, education, literature, law,
psychology, science, theatre and more, with expertise and talent to share. They
are the backbone of our BNC Study Group program. Some leaders have been
remarkably generous with their time for years, returning each season to
organize and conduct courses.

Many thanks to each and every leader for all your energy,
creativity and hours of commitment.

Yvonne & Stuart Lorch: Study Group Committee Chairs
Terrie Sherman: Study Group/Membership Registrar
Susan Berger: Study Group Guide

Committee Members:
Ellen Adelstein, Lois Bodin, Davya Cohen,
 Erica Friedman, Ruth Friedman, Maxine
Stuart Lorch, Yvonne Lorch, Judith Meyer, Marsha Rosenblum,
Terrie Sherman and Amy Schwartz


First-Time New Members receive one free course

Summer 2024

There are no new study groups meeting over the summer, however, the following 6 groups will continue to meet over the summer. If you’re currently not signed up for these groups and would like to join one or all of them over the summer, the cost is $10 per study group. To register please send check (payable to BNC) to:

Terrie Sherman

7580 East Rio Verde Dr.

Tucson, AZ 85715

Include a note advising which groups you’d like to join.

Forever Fit – every Sunday 9-10 am

Sit ‘n’ Stitch – 3rd Mondays 12:30 – 3:00

Forever Fit Too – every Wednesday 9-10 am

Contemporary Fiction – 1st Wednesdays 10-12 zoom

Mystery Book Club – 3rd Wednesdays 10-12 zoom

Strength and Balance – every Friday 9-10 am

Thank you,

Stuart Lorch 

Study Group Co-Chair

We are looking for a leader for an Art Appreciation study group. If you are interested, please contact Stuart as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Stuart Lorch

(818) 456-8669